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TGF-YP-SI Silikon Gap Filler plastisch

TGF-YP-SI is an electrically insulating thermally conductive very high performance silicone gap filler. It is ideal for use in applications where a very good thermal transfer over large gaps caused e.g. by big tolerances or different stack up heights must be achieved. Due to the specific formulation and filling with ceramic particles the silicone elastomer has an outstandingly high thermal conductivity. Through its softness and plasticity the material perfectly mates to irregular surfaces thus filling gaps at low pressure. By its use the total thermal resistance is minimised. The natural tackiness of the material allows for an easy and reliable pre-assembly.


  • Plastic
  • Soft and compliable
  • Thermal conductivity: 7.0 W/mK
  • Extraordinary chemical resistance and longterm stability
  • Two-side self-tacky


  • Sheet 460 x 100 mm
  • Tacky on both sides
  • Die cut parts
  • Kiss cut parts on sheet


Thermal link of:

  • SMD packages
  • Through-hole vias
  • Capacitors
  • Electronic parts to heat pipes

For use in Automotive applications / Laptops / Medicine engineering / Industrial PCs


MaterialCeramic filled siliconeCeramic filled silicone
HardnessShore 005555
UL Flammability (Equivalent)UL 94V0V0
RoHS Conformity2015 / 863 / EUYesYes
Resistance1 @ 60 PSI @ Thickness°C-inch²/W (mm)0,20 (0,75)0,45 (1,50)
Resistance1 @ 30 PSI @ Thickness°C-inch²/W (mm)0,27 (0,90)0,59 (1,75)
Resistance1 @ 10 PSI @ Thickness°C-inch²/W (mm)0,32 (0,95)0,67 (1,90)
Thermal ConductivityW/mK7,07,0
Operating Temperature Range°C- 40 bis + 150- 40 bis + 150
Dielectric StrengthkV / mm>10>10
Dielectric Constant@ 1 MHz77
Volume ResistivityOhm - cm> 1,0 x 1012> 1,0 x 1012