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TPC-W-PC Phase Change Film

TPC-Y-PC is thermally conductive phase changing film optimising the thermal path e.g. between
electronic packages and heat sinks. During warm-up the phase change compound starts filling up
surface-specific roughnesses and unevenesses and expels any air enclosures from micro structures even at very low pressure. The material is available as TPC-Y-PC as free standing film or with different substrates thus reworkability is improved since no compound residues remain on one side.


  • Optimal thermal contact
  • Thermal conductivity: 5.0 W/mK
  • Silicone-free
  • Ideal alternative and replacement of messy thermal grease
  • Different optional substrates allow for one-side residue-freeness and improved reworkability


  •  Sheet 355 x 152 mm
  • TPC-YXXX-PC: Die cut parts
    between 2 release liners
  • One-side coated substrates:
    Aluminum TPC-YXXX-PC-AL
    Copper TPC-YXXX-PC-CU


Thermal link of:

  • MOSFETs or IGBTs
  • Memory modules
  • Modules / Heat Pipe Assemblies
  • CPUs

For use in Servo drive control units / Computers / Automation appliances / Microelectronics


MaterialPhase Change FilmPhase Change FilmPhase Change Film
Total Thicknessmm0,15±0,020,2±0,030,3±0,03
RoHS Conformity2015 / 863 / EUYesYesYes
Resistances1 @ 150 PSI°C-inch²/W0,00560,00600,0066
Resistances1 @ 30 PSI°C-inch²/W0,00950,01020,0110
Resistance2 @ 10 PSI @ Thickness°C-inch²/W0,01300,01470,0155
Thermal ConductivityW/mK5.05.05.0
Phase Change Temperatur°Cca. 45ca. 45ca. 45
Operating Temperature Range°Cmax. 125max. 125max. 125
Max. Storage Temperature°C272727