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TAD-P-SI-1C Silikonkleber thermisch leitfähig

TAD-P-SI-1C is a condensation curing, non-corrosive highly thermally conductive 1 part silicone adhesive. It vulcanises at room temperature (RTV) to a strong but still elastic rubber and exhibits excellent primerless adhesion to most surfaces. Due to rapid acetone curing while being in contact with atmospheric moisture it is solvent free. The adhesive features good thermal conductivity and a thixotropic rheology that will prevent slumping or flow during the process. It allows for being operated at temperatures up to 220°C and does not corrode copper or its alloys when fully cured. It is characterised by high resistance to water, acids, bases and most organic solvents and is especially suitable for applications where high thermal conductivity, adhesion, fast curing and controlled, precision application are essential.


  • Thermal conductivity: 2.3 W/mK
  • High bonding properties
  • Cures at room temperature (RTV condensation cure)
  • Fast skinning
  • Low linear shrinkage
  • Non corrosive
  • Thixotropic rheology preventing flow during the process
  • High operating temperatures up to 220 °C
  • Extraordinary chemical resistance and longterm stability


  • 310 ml cartridges
  • Bulk packaging options on request
  • Optional with glass beads 0.2 mm


  • LED systems
  • Processor cooling
  • Memory chip assembly
  • CPU boards


Specific Gravityg/cm³2,11
Lineare Schrumpfung%0,5
HardnessShore A67
Tensile StrengthMPa3,9
Berührtrocken (@ 23 °C und 65 % RH)min4
Aushärtung (3 mm @ 23 °C und 65 % RH)h<8
Volle AushärtungTage7
Scherfestigkeit (Al / Cu / St 304,PC)kg/cm²7,15 / 3,6 / 2,98 / 4,62
Shelf Life (Stored Unopened in Cartridges)Months12
RoHS Conformity2015 / 863 / EUYes
Thermal ConductivityW/mK2,3
Ausdehnungskoeffizient Volumetrischx 10-6/K493
Ausdehnungskoeffizient Linearx 10-6/K164
Operating Temperature Range°C- 50 bis + 220
Dielectric StrengthkV/mm> 20
Volume ResistivityOhm - cm> 1 x 1014
Dielectric Constant@ 1 MHz4,9