TPC-P-KA Phase Change Material has achieved UL94-VO Certification


We are proud to announce our TPC-P-KA Phase Change Material has achieved UL94-VO Certification!

Through utilization of a polyimide substrate that offers significantly higher thermal conductivity than traditional MT polyimides, TPC-P-KA offers low overall thermal resistance combined with reliable insulation characteristics designed to meet the needs of more demanding discrete component cooling applications.

TPC-P-KA is a thermally conductive film with an electrically insulator made of Kapton®MT which is coated with a thermally conductive phase changing compound on both sides thus optimising the thermal path e.g. between electronic packages and heat sinks. During warm-up the phase change coating starts filling up surface-specific roughnesses and unevenesses and expels any air enclosures from micro structures even at low pressure. The wettening of the contact areas is further on improved by volumetric material expansion of approximately 10 to 15% at increasing temperature. Thus the total thermal resistance is minimised. The material is characterised by its very high dielectric properties.

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