TFO-ZS-SI is an excellent electrically insulating, thermally conductive silicone film that has been specially developed for the thermal connection of electronic components to cooling surfaces. This film sets new standards in terms of thermalmanagement!

Thanks to the unique formulation and filling of the silicone with ceramic fillers, TFO-ZS-SI achieves an impressive thermal conductivity of 8.0 W/mK, which ensures extremely efficient heat dissipation.The special surface structure and flexibility enable excellent adaptation to a wide variety of surfaces and thus minimize the overall thermaltransfer resistance. The glass fiber reinforcement also ensures high mechanical stability and simplifies handling.

With its other outstanding properties such as ageing and chemical resistance as well as residue-free removal after application, TFO-ZS-SI opens a wide range of possible applications. From the thermal connection of MOSFETs and IGBTs to diodes and rectifiers – this film can be used in inverters, powersupplies, UPSdevices, motorcontrollers and even in solartechnology!

So, if you are looking for a reliable solution for your thermal management, then TFO-ZS-SI is just right for you!

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