Product of the Month March 2024:

Ready to turn up the heat on your applications? Meet TGF-AXS-SI-GF – the ultra-soft electrically insulating, thermally conductive silicone gap filler pad that’s here to revolutionize thermal management!

In the world of big tolerances and varying stack-up heights, TGF-AXS-SI-GF is the secret sauce for achieving top-notch thermal transfer over large gaps. Crafted with a specific formulation and filled with ceramic particles, this silicone elastomer boasts some serious thermal conductivity mojo.

But here’s the cool part – it’s not just about the tech jargon; it’s about the ultra-soft and flexible vibes of TGF-AXS-SI-GF that make it the perfect match for those irregular surfaces, filling gaps with minimal pressure. By using this game-changer, you’re not just reducing thermal resistance; you’re kicking it to the curb!

And guess what? The natural tackiness of this material makes pre-assembly a walk in the park. Plus, the conductive fiberglass-reinforced silicone laminate on one side brings the mechanical stability as well as high dielectric and mechanic strength to the party. This together with its ultra softness of ~5 Shore 00 and thermal conductivity of 1.1 W/mK make it superior to other ultra soft grades in the market with a comparable structure.

Ready to step up your thermal game? Grab TGF-AXS-SI-GF and let’s make your applications sizzle!

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TGF-AXS-SI-GF SILICON GAP FILLER: Thermal Conductivity: 1.1 W/mK Hardness: 5 Shore 00 Operating Temperature Range: -50 to +200 °C

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