TGL-X-SI is an electrically insulating, thermally conductive, highly viscous and dispensable form-in-place GapFiller that is ideal for making optimum thermal connections, even at large gaps. No more worrying about height differences between electronic components or large tolerances! 🙌 💪

And the best part? This exceptional compound requires no additional curing process after application. ✨ So you can save time and energy while achieving outstanding thermal results! ⌛

By formulating and incorporating ceramic powder into the material, TGL-X-SI has exceptionally high thermal conductivity. Say goodbye to heat buildup and welcome efficient heat dissipation with open arms! This makes TGL-X-SI ideal for use with components such as SMDs, Through-Hole Vias, RDRAM Memory Devices, Flip Chips, DSPs, BGAs or PPGAs.

Something truly remarkable is that this dispensable, viscoplastic material ensures optimal thermal contact without the need to apply pressure. 😌👌 So you effortlessly achieve first-class heat transfer!

And here’s the clever part: By using TGL-X-SI, you can minimize the overall resistance of the thermal interface, resulting in improved performance and reliability. 💪🌟

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