Our silicone-free gap fillers

silicone-free gap fillers

Silicone-free Thermal Gap Filler Pads are used whenever the volatile components of silicone endanger the function of an application. For example, in switches, relays and similar contacts on which the silicone fog can settle and cause technical field failures. In automotive manufacturing, silicone outgassing can impair optimum adhesion of the paint. Our silicone-free gap filler pads enable good thermal transfer in electronic components, even across large gaps, for example where there are different stack up heights or big tolerances. Formulation and filling of the materials enable high thermal conductivities of 1.5 up to 10 W/mK. Thanks to the softness and form-fitting ability of the elastomers, optimum thermal contact is achieved even at very low pressure. This minimizes the total thermal transfer resistance and has a shock absorbing effect. Due to their natural tackiness the materials allow for an easy and reliable pre-assembly.

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