Heat Pipes

Heatpipes Funktion

Highly efficient heat transfer for a variety of applications

Thanks to the flexible design possibilities and the variability of the properties, heat pipes are used in many applications. Their highly efficient heat transfer, for example, makes it possible to reduce the height of laptops and to increase the performance of processors. Controllable heat pipes in modern vehicles ensure that excess heat – e.g. in the exhaust gas system of a combustion motor – is used for interior air-conditioning, heated seats, heating of cooling water and motor oil or for reaching battery operating temperature faster. At HALA, we offer heat pipes as 2-phase modules in two variants: Tubular Heat Pipes and Vapor Chamber Planar Heat Pipes. Both can be used in operating ranges between 20 and 150° C (and above). The systems can be combined with other components to form a module for heat transfer. The robust design makes our heat pipes temperature-cycle proof and prevents age-related derating.

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