Why thermal conductive Gap Fillers are essential for electric cars


E-mobility is becoming increasingly important: It has long since ceased to be just about Tesla. But with Nio, Byton and Aiways, Asian manufacturers are also conquering global markets. And meanwhile, European car brands have joined the market as well, with vehicles like Audi’s e-tron, Mercedes’ EQC, BMW’s i-models or Renault’s Z.E. collection. For e-mobility to be successful, efficient Thermal Management is essential.

The range of an electric vehicle depends on the energy content or energy density of the built-in batteries. In order to achieve an even higher energy density and thus a corresponding range, it’s common practice to combine several battery modules into one large battery pack. However, this not only increases the performance of the battery, but also the risk: if a battery overheats, its range and lifetime decrease. In addition, the heating of modern lithium-ion batteries triggers a thermal reaction. This reaction can swing itself up and cause a fire in the battery or even an explosion, all within minutes. The battery charging devices are subject to similarly tough requirements.

This is where the HALA Gap Fillers come into play. We designed special 2 part Gap Fillers for the use in electric vehicle (EV) batteries. For these thixotropic fluids, silicone is filled with special thermally conductive ceramics. Thereby, we achieve thermal conductivities of up to 4.5 W/mK, with which our gap fillers are far above those of comparable thermal greases. Our pasty 2 part Gap Fillers are flexible and easy to use:
For larger quantities as is common in the automotive industry, the compound is processed and applied by highly automated dispensing equipment,
Due to its viscosity, the mixed paste is optimally distributed on the surface, if in gaps between different cells or on uneven or non-planar surfaces. Even complete modules can be covered to be optimally embedded and air inclusions are successfully avoided. After application, the compound polymerizes at room temperature and the module can be further processed without additional work steps.

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