5G network expansion increases demand for Thermal Management

5G Ausbau


5G is currently on everyone’s lips as the mobile communications standard of the future. After all, it promises internet speeds up to 100 times faster than the previous 4G standard (also known as LTE) – and this on a large scale. This makes it particularly interesting for metropolitan areas and the automated industry. Currently, the technical prerequisites for a 5G network are being created worldwide. 5G uses higher frequencies and enables a higher data rate, but its range is less. Therefore, many more transmission masts are needed to cover an area than before. And mobile devices must be equipped with a special chip to be able to use 5G. A major challenge in both cases is Thermal Management. This is essential for 5G in particular, because the higher data rate will cause 5G-enabled devices to heat up faster than is the case with current technology. One solution to this problem are Gap Fillers, such as those we offer from HALA.

Very Effective Heat Dissipation

For the production of these high performance Thermal Interface Materials, silicone elastomers are enriched with highly thermally conductive fillers, such as particular graphite or carbon structures e.g. used for Gap Filler TEL-Z-SI or TEL-ZS-SI. Thus, our Gap Fillers not only close air gaps, but also enable very effective heat dissipation due to their outstandingly high W/mK values. Here we are talking about thermal conductivities of 15 W/mK (TEL-R-SI) and even more (TEL-Z-SI, TEL-YSS-SI) up to 20 W/mK (TEL-ZS-SI). The material thicknesses range from 0.2 mm to several mm, tailor-made if required.


Our TEL-R-Si Silicone Gap Filler Pad


Little stress on electronic components

Due to the low compression module, the Gap Fillers comply with the surfaces with which they are in contact when pressure is applied. As a result, electronic components are subjected to as little stress as possible. Depending on the intended use, a low-dielectric Gap Filler is available with the silicone Gap Filler TEL-R-SI or with the other three non-electrically insulating variants. The Gap Fillers are supplied as pads, as loose individual parts or as kiss cut parts on a base liner. They can easily be attached and pre-applied: The silicone Gap Filler TEL-R-SI is both side self-tacky, the other types can be provided with adhesive strips or spots if required. The Gap Fillers still tack without slipping.

Our team of experts is always available to assist you in selecting the appropriate material. In this way, we support you in finding the optimal Thermal Management solution – and thus be prepared for the future, starting with the new mobile phone standard 5G.

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